Safety and Security in Service Apartments and Guesthouses in Gurgaon

Hospitality and comfort are one of the most important features when selecting accommodation for oneself, but one commonly overlooked feature is the safety and security process and controls that are followed by these establishments.

With the professionalization of the short-stay market, Service Apartments and Guest Houses in Gurgaon are realizing that the security of a guest and his assets is as important as his comfort. Safety and security are hot button topics especially in developing countries, and with the advent of the alternative stay industry the security aspect must also be given importance.

Must have security features for the short stay apartments and Guest Houses:

  • CCTV cameras and coverage of important access points such as entrance, lobby and parking
  • Round the clock Security guards working in shifts
  • Electronic main gate (gates open only after visitor is recognized)
  • Police registration certificates for all employees working in the property
  • Electronic safes provided in each room
  • 24/7 concierge that can be called on the phone at any time for assistance
  • Compulsory registration of all guests and no booking to be done without identification cards

Additional security features

  • Taxi service with installed GPS devices and SOS button
  • Timely safety audits of building and property premises

The location of a property is also a very good safety feature and Guest houses and Service Apartments are normally located in and around residential areas and central business districts, these areas normally have a lot of security. Further, most Service Apartments and guest houses in Gurgaon are located in gated communities, hence the incidence of crime in these areas is quite low.

While selecting accommodation in Gurgaon do ensure that you check that your Guest house or Service Apartment has all the features that are mentioned above.  Also ensure that the staff and management are professional in their turnout and operations. If you follow the above precautions you are bound to have a relaxed and peaceful stay in Gurgaon.

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